Top 10 Chance the Rapper songs

Chance the rapper is one of the most influential rapper through social media, he is becoming one of the most lyrical rappers of the 21st century, his spoken words would literally take into a different world. take you all the way to is high school, you would see what he went through as a kid, he is becoming very mainstream but rappers like Chance stay the sam keeping the same group of friends and band that they started with, and every time he drops new songs he always surprise his fans (like me), this Chicago rapper realised his EP 10Day in school after he had just been suspended from school, he spent his suspension in the library writing songs, he spent about eight months recording, writing and making connections off of the hunger to put out something. After about a year’s time of working on the tape, Bennett released it on April 3, 2012 and it has since been downloaded over 300,000 times via Datpiff. I started listening to him  while revising for my end of year exams (GCSE) after i heard his collab with Justin Bieber and straight away i loved his music. His latest Surf Album is a hit I’m no even going to lie it what we have been waiting for, for like 2 years.

10. Goodass Into

This is an Opening track of Acid Rap and to be honest id the best way to start an album, with the female choir in the background,Good ass intro is an understatement. This song is smooth, catchy, upbeat, and just fun.  loving it.

8. Pass The Vibes

This song is from Surf I really love the vibes on this one. I close my eyes and it takes me back to chillin on the beach with the sand in between my toes… a joint producing curls of smoke in my left hand and my bad bitch safely secured under my right hand… this smells like tangerines and palm trees.

7. Favorite Song

This a collaboration with Chaldish Gambino a good friend of chance, apart from Vic Mensa i think that Chaldish Gambini and Chance make good music, this song feels zoo happy, probably because they were both high, he has a unique voice and flow.

6. Suitcase

Although this might be a song from Vic mensa, but the first verse which is from Chance draws you in to the song,Chance comes in first and tears it apart with a tale of young love and its consequences. Vic more than holds his own here as well, but despite the heights he hits, Chance steals this one with the line.

5. I Am Very Very Lonely

The song is literally what people think about when their lonely. I can fully relate to everything Chance is saying.. You probably can’t fully appreciate until you experience loneliness. Ha Ha!
4. Sunday Candy

You can deffinatly tell this was influenced by gospel,nothing i’ve heard from any other rapper.

3. Coco Butter Kisses

“used to like orange cassete tapes with timmy tommy and chucky”

2. Warm Enough

In warm enough we see Chance’s first collaboration with J cole, everyone has been saying that these 2 rappers should rap together and we have seen it, Noname Gypsy opening is zoo good

1. Lost

This is the first time I’ve ever heard Noname Gypsy this female rapper is very talented


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Before going to talk about the Benefits of Rap Music to Teenagers it is indispensable to say a few words concerning Rap Music. It is also necessary to focus on its history. The term Rap music implies performance in which rhyming lyrics are used. It may be done with or without any musical instrument. However, it should be noted importantly that in such music, drums or electronic instruments are used while an MC performs spoken verses in time to a beat or melody. It is a type of music also referred to as hip hop. It is one of the youngest genres in popular form of music. At the outset, it appears from the impoverished projects of Brooklyn and Queens in the late 1970s.

Much has been talked about the negative impact of rap culture, has on its young fans, purportedly adoring illegal activities and encouraging an anti-social approach…

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Having French as a second language

I decided to take A-level French because I want to improve my French, as a native speaker I really disliked French in secondary school mainly because my French teacher would speak French to me in front of the class, I didn’t mind that but I felt violated when he turned around and r=told my mum that I am very rude because of the fact I don’t answer him in French. Speaking and English give me an advantage of getting a job in France, I have never thought of this, like seeing my self at the Cannes Film Festival in France.

At the moment I am finding it very hard I haven’t spoken French for like 6 years and my French teacher is trying to call me rude, I had many thought of dropping the lesson.

“The price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand, and the determination that whether we win or lose, we have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand.” Vince Lombardi

The last assessment that i had gave me a lot confidence into carrying on revising at home because after getting 82% (A)  I think I shouldn’t drop out.